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Precision Relief Valves

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Precision Relief Valves are used as a safety device on reservoirs where a certain maximum pressure should not be exceeded.  Their use can be extended to any application demanding pressure be relieved at a specific value.  The valves have a fixed upper pressure rating held within plus or minus 5 PSI accuracy.  The setting for the upper limit is tamperproof and cannot be adjusted.  The relief pressures can be reduced and locked at any setting.

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Min Pressure

Max Pressure

Thread Size


A4454-1 Adjustable 5 PSI 30 ± 5 PSI 1/4" NPT Aluminum Alloy
A4454-3 Adjustable 5 PSI 30 ± 5 PSI 1/4" NPT Stainless Steel
A4454-2 Adjustable 5 PSI 60 ± 5 PSI 1/4" NPT Aluminum Alloy
A4454-4 Adjustable 5 PSI 120 ± 10 PSI 1/4" NPT Aluminum Alloy
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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