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Item # B5191-1, Sediment Bowl, 3 oz. Pyrex, Aluminum Endplates, 1/2" Male NPT Inlet, Brass Drain Valve

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This 3 oz. collection cup serves a variety of purposes in monitoring the integrity of fluid stored in tanks, gear boxes, and other equipment housings.  It connects to a drain port beneath or on the side of the reservoir.  Releasing fluid into the sediment bowl allows for the following:
  • Visual inspection of the fluid
  • Removal of water and contaminants that settle at the bottom of the reservoir
  • Sample collection for further analysis
The sediment bowl connects to a shut-off at the drain port of the reservoir being monitored.  Fluid is released into the bowl and can then be drained through the needle valve.  The valve is positioned off-center so that it can be oriented to the lowest point for horizontal installations.
The unit has a glass viewing area that withstands temperatures from 33° to 300° F.  The needle valve is brass and seals are Viton.  The connection is ½” male NPT.  Solid aluminum endplates and mounting shank provide a sturdy framework.  It performs well where other plastic versions might crack at the mounting shank over extended use.

The overall height including the inlet and the drain valve is 4 29/32".  The glass viewing area is 2 1/4" high.  The diameter is 3 1/4".



3 oz

Reservoir Material


End Plates

Aluminum Alloy


1/2" NPT



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