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Item # B4360-2B120606, PurgeX Circulating Oil System with 1 gal Acrylic Reservoir, 2 Feeds, Motor Operated, 120V/60Hz, 6 RPM, Bracket

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This PurgeX Circulating Oil System is easy to use, reliable and compact.  It provides the means for dripping oil over gears, bearings, crankshafts, etc. with the intent of collecting and re-using the fluid.  It is ideal for small volume applications where excessive heat build-up is not a concern.  It can be used with bearings, motors, fans, rolling mills, presses, pumps, compressors, gears, generators and a variety of other applications.  The miniature circulating oil system is operated with motor driven PurgeX pumps.  The pumps cycle small, precise amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals.  The fluid is recovered by means of gravity and is subject to passive heat loss as it circulates back to the reservoir. 


The image provided displays a PurgeX Circulating Oil System with 1 PurgeX pump.  This item is a 2 pump system.


The 2 PurgeX pumps included with this circulating oil system deliver precise volumes of liquid using positive displacement.  Each PurgeX in the manifold operates as an individual pump with a separate adjustment for lubricant delivery per cycle.  The liquid delivery per motor revolution is adjustable between 0 to .009 cubic inches and continuous as long as power is supplied to the motor.  The motor speed is 6 RPMs (a 1 RPM model is also available).  The motor is mounted to the pump with a bracket.  This unit is also available with the motor enclosed in an electrical box. 


There is a clear and durable 1 gallon acrylic reservoir to collect and circulate fluid.  The reservoir has cast aluminum end plates and Buna-N seals.  A 1” diameter plated steel hinge lid makes filling the reservoir quick and simple.  A 40 micron aluminum filter removes impurities from the fluid before it cycles to the lube point.  The filter is easily accessible for cleaning or replacement.


This PurgeX Circulating Oil System is easy to install; simply route tubing to the lube point and back to the reservoir’s return.  Activate the mini circulating oil system with a standard 120V/60Hz power supply (other voltages and frequencies are available upon request).


This system has an overall length of 17 15/16” and width of 6 23/32”. It stands 8 1/32” tall. There are (4) 13/32” diameter mounting holes in the aluminum mounting brackets located on the bottom of the reservoir.



2 Feeds

Motor Speed


Motor Mount


Volume Output Per Feed

0 to .009 cu in

Liquid Outlet

1/8" Female NPT

Return Inlet

1/4" Female NPT




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 This Item is Compliant 


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