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Item # Injectors, Hydracision® Technical Information

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Each Injector has a standard dispensing volume of .20 ml (high output).  Injectors with smaller dispensing volumes of .14 ml (medium output) and .08 ml (low output) are also available.  The amounts do not have to be the same for each injector.  If volume adjustments are necessary after installation, the cap at the inlet side of the injector can be replaced to change the dispensing amount.  Connections for the injector inlet and outlet are 1/8” female NPT. 


High volume injectors are identified by 3 notches inscribed on the cap.  Medium volume injectors are identified with 2 notches, and low volume injectors with 1 notch. 


Hydracision® is for use with 10 to 80 weight oil and with many lubrication points—typically 12 or more.  PurgeX® pumps are a cost effective alternative when fewer lubrication points are called for or where grease is required.


How it Works


Hydracision® is patented technology that supplies lubricant to many points using hydraulic power.  An electric gear pump is the essential pressure mechanism.  The injectors remain inactive until the pressure peaks at near 300 PSI.  A piston within each injector is driven down, ejecting the contents of the fluid chamber.  The gear pump then deactivates and the pressure is relieved.  Spring force within the injector resets the piston.  This reverse motion of the piston draws fluid into the injector to be used for the next dispensing cycle.  The entire process can occur in as little as 5 seconds or be set to occur at larger intervals of hours or days.


Fluid is dispensed from the fluid chamber within the injector, which is the area directly below the piston. It is exactly the same size at the beginning of each cycle.  The principle behind this technology is positive displacement.  Hydracision® overcomes the problem of entrapped air that is common in other dispensing methods.  The patented mechanics expel fluid and any inherent air.  Each cycle begins with a “clean slate,” ensuring maximum accuracy.


Hydracision® does not rely on a balance between the orifice at the outlet and system pressure to determine the amount of output.  Positive displacement produces accurate output with every cycle.


To see how injectors work, reference page 3 of the Hydracision® Brochure using the link found on the right hand side of this page.





Hydracision Brochure
(PDF, 997KB)

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