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PurgeX Accessories

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Cycle Timer .05 seconds to 100 hours


This adjustable, Programmable Cycle Timer regulates lubrication intervals from .6 seconds to 24 hours.  It is compatible with PurgeX systems.  A switch positioning chart is printed on the timer for ease in selecting time ranges.


3-Way Air Solenoid Valve


3-Way Air Solenoid Valves are used with Air-Operated PurgeX systems.  They are powered by wiring to a Programmable Cycle Timer or other electrical signal.  The valve is equipped with an air inlet, air outlet, and exhaust outlet.

B3550-1 Sight-Rite


This Sight-Right is designed to connect with the liquid outlet of a PurgeX pump.  A green LED light blinks when liquid cycles out of the pump.  The purpose of the Sight-Right is to serve as visual confirmation that liquid is dispensing at the programmed intervals.



Threadapter Kits


A simple-to-use PurgeX Threadapter Kit is required to attach an additional PurgeX pump to a PurgeX manifold.  It includes a patented brass Threadapter and 2 seals.

B3162-101 Category

PurgeX Replacement Seal Kits

Seals in PurgeX pumps normally operate over millions of cycles without significant wear.  The majority of applications do not require seal replacement.  Complete Replacement Seal Kits are available for each PurgeX model.

B3559-101X08 Category

PurgeX Replacement Spray Nozzles


These replacement spray nozzles are specifically for use with Spray Dispensing PurgeX, part number B3559. Lubricant and air mix at the nozzle tip to atomize fluid. 

B2720-1 Spray Valve

PurgeX Spray Nozzles


PurgeX Spray Nozzles create a round spray pattern that can be used with PurgeX pumps for liquid.  The spray can reach from 4 to 6 inches in distance, depending upon liquid viscosity, air pressure and air cycle.

Air Regulator

Air Regulator

Air Gauge

Air Gauge

3-Way Mechanical Air Valve

3-Way Mechanical Air Valve

This valve is used to cycle air operated PurgeX® pumps. It is operated by cam or another mechanical device.
Tubing for PurgeX (Category)


Category-Fittings for Poly Tubing

Fittings for Polyurethane Tubing

Category-Fittings for Nylon Tubing

Fittings for Nylon Tubing

Category-Fittings for Copper Tubing

Fittings for Copper Tubing

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Wall Mounting Acrylic Reservoirs


Wall Mounting Acrylic Reservoirs dispense liquid by gravity.  They are designed to serve as central reservoirs of oiling systems.  These reservoirs are available with or without filters.


Easy-Fill Polycarbonate Reservoirs


Easy-Fill Polycarbonate Reservoirs use gravity to dispense liquid.  The units can be directly mounted to bearing housings, gear boxes, or transmissions.  The shatterproof construction of the reservoir makes it suitable for rugged industrial applications and safe to use in areas where glass is restricted.

B1748 Thumbnail

Polycarbonate Reservoirs


Polycarbonate Reservoirs, or Oil Cups, use gravity to dispense liquid.  They are designed to serve as a central reservoir of an oiling system.  Durable, shatterproof polycarbonate reservoirs have polypropylene bases and withstand temperatures up to 225° F. They feature a cap that swivels out of the way for easier filling, while remaining attached to the reservoir. 


Square Polycarbonate Reservoirs


Square Polycarbonate Reservoirs use gravity to dispense liquid.  They are designed to serve as a central reservoir of an oiling system. 

Steel Dispenser Airbrush

Steel Reservoirs


Steel Reservoirs dispense liquid by gravity.  They are designed to serve as a central reservoir in an oiling system. Drains are extended with pipes at a 90° angle to allow easy access.  ...

B3109-1 Right View

Pressurized Grease Reservoirs


Pressurized Grease Reservoirs use compressed air to maintain a pressure of 100 PSI or less on the grease supply.  These units feature a built in air regulator and pressure gauge for easy adjustment.  The fiberglass and aluminum reservoir has a safety relief valve set at 120 PSI to prevent over-pressurization.  A zerk grease fitting allows the reservoir to be filled quickly and easily.  ...

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