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Solenoid Valve Operators

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The solenoid operator is used with Oil-Rite electro lubricators, chain lubricators, and valves.  Solenoid Valve Operators feature a rugged construction designed to require an absolute minimum amount of maintenance and repair.  The coil is permanently molded into the steel housing for a durable, water resistant construction.  The standard model features Buna-N plunger seat and seals (ethylene propylene and Viton seals are also available).  The nominal power consumption is 7 watts. 

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B1725-B1206W Buna-N 120V/60Hz
B1725-B4806W Buna-N 480V/60Hz
B1725-B2406W Buna-N 240V/60Hz
B1725-B2405W Buna-N 240V/50Hz
B1725-B2205W Buna-N 220V/50Hz
B1725-B1105W Buna-N 110V/50Hz
B1725-B0246W Buna-N 24V/60Hz
B1725-B0245W Buna-N 24V/50Hz
B1725-B024DW Buna-N 24VDC
B1725-B012DW Buna-N 12VDC
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1 
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