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With Buna Seals

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These Buna Replacement Seal Kits are for use with PurgeX series:



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A5718-106 Buna 6 Feeds B3162-106 B3352-106
A5718-105 Buna 5 Feeds B3162-105 B3352-105
A5718-107 Buna 7 Feeds B3162-107 B3352-107
A5718-108 Buna 8 Feeds B3162-108 B3352-108
A5718-109 Buna 9 Feeds B3162-109 B3352-109
A5718-110 Buna 10 Feeds B3162-110 B3352-110
A5718-111 Buna 11 Feeds B3162-111 B3352-111
A5718-112 Buna 12 Feeds B3162-112 B3352-112
A5718-103 Buna 3 Feeds B3162-103 B3352-103
A5718-104 Buna 4 Feeds B3162-104 B3352-104
A5718-102 Buna 2 Feeds B3162-102 B3352-102
A5718-101 Buna 1 Feed B3162-101 B3352-101
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1 
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