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1 qt Capacity

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These Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators feature a 1 quart polycarbonate reservoir with a cap that swivels out of the way for easier filling, while remaining attached to the reservoir.                                          


Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators are ideal for continuous operation.  Liquid is dispensed when the lubricator is turned on with a toggle shutoff.  Each feed has an adjustable precision needle valve to control the flow rate.  Anywhere from 2 to 24 valves may be connected to one reservoir.  The modular construction allows additional valves to be added at a later date if needed.


Polycarbonate reservoirs are durable and economical, suitable for temperatures up to 225° F.



Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators

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Reservoir Type




B3193-03202B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 2 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03203B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 3 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03204B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 4 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03205B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 5 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03206B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 6 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03207B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 7 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03208B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 8 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03209B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 9 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03210B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 10 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03211B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 11 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-03212B111GW Polycarbonate 1 qt 12 1/4" OD Tube
  Results 1 - 11 of 11 1 
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