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1 pt Capacity

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These Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators feature a 1 pint polycarbonate reservoir.               


Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators are ideal for continuous operation.  Liquid is dispensed when the lubricator is turned on with a toggle shutoff.  Each feed has an adjustable precision needle valve to control the flow rate.  Anywhere from 2 to 24 valves may be connected to one reservoir.  The modular construction allows additional valves to be added at a later date if needed.


Polycarbonate reservoirs are durable and economical, suitable for temperatures up to 225° F.



Multiple Feed Manual Lubricators

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Item #

Reservoir Type




B3193-01602B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 2 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01603B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 3 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01604B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 4 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01605B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 5 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01606B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 6 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01607B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 7 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01608B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 8 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01609B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 9 1/4" OD Tube
B3193-01610B111GW Polycarbonate 1 pt 10 1/4" OD Tube
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1 
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