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With Polycarbonate Reservoir

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These Manual Chain Lubricators feature a polycarbonate reservoir and 5/8" diameter round brush with nylon bristles.  Polycarbonate reservoirs are durable and economical, suitable for temperatures up to 225° F.  They feature a polypropylene base.




Manual Chain Lubricators

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Item #

Reservoir Type


Brush Type

Bristle Size

Bristle Material

B1745-001B1NR2W Polycarbonate 1 oz Round 5/8" dia Nylon
B1745-002B1NR2W Polycarbonate 2 1/2 oz Round 5/8" dia Nylon
B1745-005B1NR2W Polycarbonate 5 oz Round 5/8" dia Nylon
B1745-009B1NR2W Polycarbonate 9 oz Round 5/8" dia Nylon
B1745-016B1NR2W Polycarbonate 1 pt Round 5/8" dia Nylon
B1745-032B1NR2W Polycarbonate 1 qt Round 5/8" dia Nylon
B1745-064B1NR2W Polycarbonate 1/2 gal Round 5/8" dia Nylon
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 
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