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High Output Injector Hydracision® Packages

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These Hydracision® Multi-Point Lubrication Packages feature High Volume Injectors.  Each injector has an output of .20 ml per cycle.  High Volume Injectors can be identified by (3) notches on the injector body.


Hydracision® is patented technology that distributes lubricant to many separate points – as few as 12 and as many as hundreds.  It combines Hydraulic movement of fluid with the precision of positive displacement injection. 

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Item #


Reservoir Material

High Volume Injectors (.20 ml)

Medium Volume Injectors (.14 ml)

Low Volume Injectors (.08 ml)


B4560-02B1206012000000 2 Liter Polycarbonate 12 High None None 120V/60Hz
B4560-02B1206024000000 2 Liter Polycarbonate 24 High None None 120V/60Hz
B4560-02B1206036000000 2 Liter Polycarbonate 36 High None None 120V/60Hz
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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