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Item # A5409-3, 10 Ounce Reservoir Assembly, With Filter, 1/8” Female NPT, 5/8"-18 Thread for Remote Mounting

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Ten Ounce Reservoir Assemblies use gravity to dispense liquid.  The units can be directly mounted to bearing housings, gear boxes, or transmissions.  The shatterproof construction of the reservoir makes it suitable for rugged industrial applications and safe to use in areas where glass is restricted.


This injection molded 10 oz polycarbonate reservoir is specifically designed to allow for easy filling.  It features a large, vented polypropylene cap.  Viton seals are used.  The unit tolerates temperatures from -40° to 150° F.  A 120 X 108 mesh stainless steel filter prevents debris from entering the liquid stream.  The unit is also available without a filter.  There is a 1/8” female NPT outlet with a 5/8”-18 thread for remote mounting.


The diameter of the reservoir is 2 7/8” and total height of the unit is 5 9/16”.  This particular style reservoir is only available in a 10 oz capacity.


Reservoir Material



10 oz


Stainless Steel


5/8"-18 Thread for Remote Mounting


1/8" Female NPT

 This Item is Compliant 


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