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Item # B1844-5, Constant Flow Control Valve, 1 Quart Per Minute Flow Rate

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Constant Flow Control Valves are used in low pressure lubricating systems. They do not require frequent adjustment and are especially suitable for use in automated plants, for elevated, distant, or hard to get at places.  The valves have a fixed flow rate.


The accuracy of the flow rate can be maintained with varying pressures, ranging from 15 PSI minimum to 125 PSI maximum, and with any oil having a viscosity of 400 SSU minimum to 750 SSU maximum.


This valve has a flow rate set to 1 qt per minute, and is accurate within plus or minus 10%.  The valve features a 1/4" female NPT inlet and 1/4” female NPT outlet.  The total length of the valve is 2 3/4”.  The orifice size is .067”.


Flow Rate

1 qt per minute

Flow Tolerance


Orifice Size



1/4" Female NPT


1/4" Female NPT

Min Pressure

15 PSI

Max Pressure

125 PSI


·  B1844 Cut Away

 This Item is Compliant 


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