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Item # B1628-315B2TW, (Formerly B1630-5-TP-SG), Inverted Angle Small Sight Feed Valve, Solid Gasket, 1/8” Female NPT Inlet, 1/4” OD Tube Outlet, Tamperproof

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Small Sight Feed Valves allow visual observation of the liquid stream, with the volume of flow controlled by an adjustable precision control needle valve. These units are principally used on gravity or pressure lubricating systems for bearing lubrication on machinery.  Their use can be extended to any application requiring adjustable, visible flow control.


The inlet is located on one side of the valve body and the needle valve adjustment is on the opposite side.  The outlet is on the bottom of the unit. The solid gasket design is used with a sealed pressure system.  Vented designs are also available.


This tamperproof valve (handwheel is also available) withstands up to 225° F and 125 PSI inlet to orifice pressure.  The valve features a steel plated valve body and needle assembly, glass sights, Buna-N seals, and a 1/16" diameter port.  Total Height of the valve is 2 3/8”.

The valve has a 1/8” female NPT inlet and a 1/4" OD tube outlet.


Body Style

Inverted Angle, Solid Gasket






1/16" dia


1/8" Female NPT


1/4" OD Tube

 This Item is Compliant 


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