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Item # B3559-401X08, Air Operated Spray PurgeX for Grease, 1 Feed, Buna-N Seals, 8” Nozzle

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PurgeX has the ability to deliver very small amounts of lubricant with each cycle and can be rapidly cycled for greater volumes.  Precise volumetric delivery is achieved with the positive displacement design. 


This PurgeX is operated with compressed air between 40 to 120 PSI.  It is suitable for use with grease grades 00, 0, 1 and 2.  An integral 8” coaxial spray nozzle is flexible yet rigid enough to allow for precise positioning.  Longer nozzles are available.  Lubricant and air mix at the nozzle tip to disperse grease in a round pattern.  There is a separate needle control for air flow to the nozzle.  No additional air supply or separate air regulator is required, making this a highly efficient spray method.


The body is made of anodized aluminum alloy and the unit tolerates temperatures from -15° F to 180° F.  Buna-N seals are used.  The piston diameter is .250” and can travel as much as .250” per stroke.  The grease delivery per cycle is adjustable between 0 to .012 cubic inches.  The air and liquid inlet are both 1/8” female NPT.  This is a single feed unit that is 1 31/32” in length and 4” in height (plus the nozzle length).  There is a 9/32” dia mounting hole.


For applications with multiple feed points, internal Threadapter connections provide common air and lubricant lines for all PurgeX pumps in the same manifold.  It is easy to connect additional PurgeX pumps.  Each PurgeX in the manifold operates as an individual pump with a separate adjustment for lubricant delivery per cycle as well as a separate air spray adjustment stem.  Lubricant delivery can be completely shut off at any time by adjusting the piston to the fully closed position.


Some amount of pressure from the grease supply is necessary.  That pressure can be achieved with a small reservoir that uses spring force or larger air pressurized reservoirs.  PurgeX functions accurately and reliably when drawing lubricant from these sources.  Any entrapped air and other impurities are automatically purged from the pump when the piston slightly over-travels the pump chamber with each cycle. 


Additional requirements include a pressurized reservoir, 3-way solenoid valve, timer or sequence signal, and tubing and fittings.  Because grease tends to be slow-moving even when under pressure, the distance between the reservoir and pump should be as short as possible. 


Inlet Pressure

40-120 PSI



Volume Output Per Feed

0 to .012 cu. in.

Nozzle Length



.250" dia



Air Inlet

1/8" Female NPT

Liquid Inlet

1/8" Female NPT


1/8" Female NPT

Lubricant Type



A7205 Installation & Operation
(PDF, 81KB)

 This Item is Compliant 


 Pressurized Grease Reservoir for PurgeX 

B3109-1 Right View
Pressurized Grease Reservoirs

 Programmable Cycle Timer for PurgeX 

Programmable Cycle Timer, .05 Seconds to 100 Hours, 120V 50/60Hz, 24VDC, 120VDC, 24V 50/60Hz

 3-Way Air Solenoid Valve for PurgeX 

3-Way Air Solenoid Valve, 110V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz

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