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Item # B3151-01B11GW, (Formerly B3151-1), Add-On Valve for Multiple Feed Lubrictors, Outlet for 1/4” OD Tube

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B3151-01B11GW is an add-on valve with ¼” OD tube outlet for use with multiple feed lubricators:

Electro                  Manual

B4662                    B4663

B3152                    B3153

B3192                    B3193

B5160                    B5161

B5175                    B5176

This Add-On Sight Feed Valve features vented sight chambers to ensure proper flow and prevent airlock. The unit withstands up to 125 PSI inlet to orifice pressure.  It has an aluminum alloy valve body, glass sight, Buna-N seals, 1/16" diameter port, and 1/4” OD tube outlet.  Valves can be joined together with the included Threadapter® and the use of an 9/16” wrench, 1/2” wrench, and 3/16” hex key.

  1. Shut off flow to the valves and allow the oil to drain.
  2. If the lubricator currently has an odd number of valves, add the new valve to the side with fewer valves.
  3. Use a 1/2” wrench to remove the needle sub-assembly from the top of the existing valve.  This will prevent it from being damaged during assembly.  Keep the o-ring seated in the body for re-assembly.
  4. Remove the needle sub-assembly from the new valve.  The horizontal pathway needs to be clear during assembly.  Keep the o-ring seated in the body for re-assembly.
  5. Use a 9/16” wrench to remove the brass cap from the side of the existing valve.  Keep the o-ring seated in the body for re-assembly.
  6. The Threadapter® has a fine thread on one side and a coarse thread on the other.  Test the ability of the fine thread to engage with the existing feed.  Screw it completely in by hand if it is a fit.  If it does not match, screw the fine thread completely into the appropriate side of the new valve.
  7. Place the o-ring supplied with the new valve over the Threadapter® and into the groove on the body.
  8. Align the new valve to the existing valve so that the Threadapter® is ready to engage.
  9. Insert a 3/16” hex key through the new valve body into the Threadapter®.  Unscrew the Threadapter® (counter clockwise).  The rotation of the Threadapter® will draw the bodies together.  Tighten securely.
  10. Screw the brass cap into the open end of the new valve.
  11. Re-install the needle valve sub-assemblies.
  12. Turn on oil flow to valve.  Monitor and adjust output as required.



(1) Add-On Valve




1/16" dia


1/4" OD Tube

 This Item is Compliant 


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