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Item # YB4527-1, Wash Down Oiler

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Washdown is a daily occurrence in many food processing and packaging environments.  The cleaning agents can corrode metal parts within only a few days.  The Washdown Oiler is designed for these harsh conditions.


The materials used in this oiler resist corrosion.  The bottle is polycarbonate and the cap is polypropylene.  The filter has a stainless steel screen on an aluminum body.  All other components are stainless steel, including the brush bristles.


Washdown removes not only dirt from the equipment, but also the oil on chains.  It is important to reestablish an adequate level of lubricant on the chain as soon as the equipment is put back into operation.  The Washdown Oiler works on the premise of rapid lubricant replenishment.  It has a 5 oz reservoir that is intended to be filled at start-up.  The oil makes its way to the brush through a small orifice.  Depending on oil and environmental conditions, the oil is dispensed at a controlled rate over 15 to 30 minutes.


The brush height is adjustable by 1/2" to compensate for wear.  A 5/8”–18 threaded shank with nut allows for mounting to a bracket.


Reservoir Material


Reservoir Capacity

5 oz

Brush Type


Bristle Material

Stainless Steel

Bristle Size

2 1/4" X 3/8"




Special Order
This is a special order item, longer lead times may apply.

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