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Item # B2191-009AB1SW1W, (Formerly B2191-4X16), Manual Chain Lubricator, 9 oz Acrylic Reservoir, Roto Brush Stainless Steel

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Manual Chain Lubricators are ideal for continuous operation. Liquid is dispensed through the brush onto the chains and results in a reduction of wear.  Manual Chain Lubricators are turned on and off with a toggle shutoff (using the toggle does not affect the metering adjustment).


The reservoir and sight are vented to allow liquid to reach the brush by gravity.  An adjustable precision needle valve controls the flow rate; it has a friction lock to guard against loosening from vibration.  Drop feeding can be observed through the glass viewing window in the valve body.


The flexible bristles of the roto brush follow the contour of the moving chain and spread the desired amount of liquid to all load-carrying points.  Brushes can be adjusted to accommodate up to ½” of wear and can be readily replaced (see part no. A2440-3).  Unit is also available with a nylon brush (see part no. B2191-009AB1NW1W).


This Manual Chain Oiler features a 9 oz acrylic reservoir with an aluminum alloy base, suitable for temperatures up to 160° F.  The valve body is aluminum alloy with Buna-N seals.  There is a 5/8”–18 threaded shank that can be secured to a mounting bracket with the plated steel hex nut and washer. 


The diameter of the reservoir is 3”, the distance from the bottom of the brush to the mounting nut is 4 7/8”, and the total height of the lubricator is 11 5/16”.


Reservoir Type



9 oz

Brush Type


Bristle Size

3" Dia. X 1" Wide

Bristle Material

Stainless Steel


Center Post


Aluminum Alloy

 This Item is Compliant 


 Replacement Brush 

Replacement Roto Brush (Without Holder), Stainless Steel Bristles

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