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Item # B1606-15, Vented Long Elbow Steel Gage, 3 3/8” Sight Opening, 3/8” Male NPT Mounting Thread

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Vented Long Elbow Steel Gages can be used on oil bearings, gear boxes, crank cases, transformers, switches or any application requiring visual indication of liquid level.  The leak proof construction, large vent hole and unrestricted passages permit fast and accurate liquid level response. 



The base of a Long Elbow Steel Gage is about an additional 1/2” longer than the Short Elbow Steel Gage, providing additional clearance from the mounting surface.  The square shank with pipe thread screws horizontally into a tapped hole.


This plated steel elbow gage features a 1/2” diameter glass sight that retains its clarity through various temperature changes.  A protected vent hole in the cap reduces the possibility of dust, dirt, or moisture getting inside the gage.  The gage uses only atmospheric pressure.  Leak-tight construction is achieved with Buna-N seals. The unit tolerates temperatures up to 225° F.





A          Height from Center of Mounting Hole                                 4 11/16”

B          Sight Opening                                                                 3 3/8

C          Length from Center of Tube to End of Mounting Thread      1 7/8"

D          Total Length of Base                                                       2 3/8


Sight Opening

3 3/8"

Height from Center of Mounting Hole

4 11/16"

Mounting Thread

3/8" Male NPT


Long Elbow

Body Material

Plated Steel

 This Item is Compliant 


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