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Item # B5176-128ABRW, Levelux Clear View Single Feed Manual Lubricator, 1 gal Acrylic Reservoir, 1/8” Female NPT Outlet, 5/8”-18 Thread for Remote Mounting

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Levelux Clear View Single Feed Manual Lubricators provide illumination of the liquid level.  A motion activated LED light not only enhances visibility of the fluid level, but also draws attention to the gage.  It helps operators or maintenance individuals monitor the contents and avoid depleting the oil.  Levelux is particularly useful in dimly lit areas or where the line of sight is partially obstructed.

Levelux Clear View Single Feed Manual Lubricators are ideal for continuous operation. Liquid is dispensed when the lubricator is turned on with a toggle shutoff (using the toggle does not affect the metering adjustment).  This oiler features an acrylic reservoir with lightweight and durable polypropylene endplates.  It allows maximum fluid visibility by eliminating the center post common to many reservoirs.

The reservoir and sight are vented to allow liquid to reach the outlet by gravity. An adjustable precision needle valve controls the flow rate; it has a friction lock to guard against loosening from vibration. Drop feeding can be observed through the glass viewing window in the valve body.

This reservoir design utilizes a permanent bond that eliminates gaskets.  It has a cap that swivels out of the way for easier filling, while remaining attached to the reservoir.  The aluminum valve contains Buna-N seals (Viton and EPDM seals are also available).  A Viton o-ring creates a seal between the reservoir and fitting.  This lubricator has a plated steel fitting with a 1/8” female NPT outlet and 5/8”-18 thread for remote mounting.

The diameter of the reservoir is 5 1/2” and the total height of the lubricator is 17 7/8”. It is suitable for temperatures up to 160° F.

The LED is powered by two button cell batteries installed at the factory.  The light activates for a few seconds each time motion is detected.  Replacement batteries are commonly available as part numbers SP357 or SR44W.  They may also be purchased from Oil-Rite as part number A7180-1.  The batteries are accessed by unscrewing the knurled cap from the lighting unit (no tools are required).  Use a magnet or rolled up tape to lift the two batteries out.  Insert the new batteries with the positive end down.  Hand tighten the knurled cap.

NOTE: This reservoir is not for use with isopropyl alcohol.  Polycarbonate reservoirs or reservoirs with aluminum endplates and Viton seals are recommended for use with isopropyl alcohol.



5/8"-18 Thread for Remote Mount


1/8" Female NPT

Reservoir Type



1 gal


Clear View

End Plates


 This Item is Compliant 


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