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Item # YE107, Lubrication System for Engine Test Facility, (9) Oil Supply/Scavenge Pumps, Stainless Steel Piping

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Oil-Rite specializes in developing Circulating Systems built specifically to customer requirements.  All systems are engineered, designed, manufactured and fully tested at Oil-Rite.  This is an example of a custom built Circulating Oil System.


This Lubrication System was engineered for a primary manufacturer and developer of military aircraft engines.  The Department of Test Facilities Engineering is responsible for engineering easily maintainable jet and rocket engine test stands.


This Circulating Oil System is used in an engine test facility.  It provides lubrication for two water break type dynamometers used in two separate test stands.  The water breaks are used to simulate the different loads the engines are exposed to under actual flight conditions.  High speed rotation and power absorption produce considerable heat.  The Oil-Rite lubrication system provides adequate lubrication and cooling of the bearings during test operations.


It utilizes a series of nine oil pumps to supply and scavenge oil from the test stand.  Under normal operation, the pumps are driven electrically.  In the event of electrical failure, the system automatically changes over to operation of compressed air driven motors.


The Lubrication System is piped with high pressure, stainless steel, welded pumping which is fabricated at the Oil-Rite plant.  All piping is subject to special hydrostatic testing to assure leak tight operation at all times. 


All Circulating Oil Systems are quoted specifically to customer requirements.  Pricing can be determined only after the Circulating Oil System Request Form (found on this page) is completed.  Contact the bearing manufacturer for information on the flow rate and fluid required. 


Delivery is dependent upon supplier availability, lead times range from 4 to 10 weeks.


Oil Circulation

Lubrication System for Engine Test Facility, (9) Oil Supply/Scavenge Pumps, Stainless Steel Piping


Circulating Oil System Request Form
(PDF, 161KB)

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