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Item # B3651-102, PurgeX Infrared Sensing Lubrication System with 2 Air-Operated PurgeX Pumps, Nema 12 Enclosure, 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

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PurgeX Infrared Sensing Lubrication Systems utilize sensing technology to achieve a high level of precision when oiling chains. Lubrication of critical areas of the chain at critical times prolongs chain life, reduces waste, minimizes contamination, and improves safety. 


Targeted Lubricant Delivery

Both high speed and low speed chains can pose a challenge for lubrication.  The situation can be further complicated by fluctuating chain speeds.  Continuous application of oil tends to saturate the open areas of the link, with only a portion of the lubricant reaching the critical friction area at the pin.  The infrared signal helps identify the position of the pin as the chain is moving.  The cycling of the lubrication pump is synchronized with the sensor, placing the oil directly on the targeted area.


Scheduled Lubrication Cycles

The PLC utilizes the signal from the sensor to trigger the dispensing of lubricant.  The PurgeX pumps activate nearly instantaneously and so the placement of oil can be precisely controlled for optimal benefit while reducing or completely eliminating any excess.  The electronics enable this cycle of lubrication to occur at very high speeds where necessary.  The PLC is programmed to provide one lubrication cycle per infrared signal.  Alternative programming can be supplied by the factory when ordering.  For instance, the PLC can be programmed to count chain links.  This provides the ability to lubricate the chain during one compete rotation without overlap or activate only after a specific number of chain rotations.



PurgeX Infrared technology is excellent for any application requiring precise lubrication, and is especially suitable for high speed applications.  Specific uses include:

·          General purpose automation

·          Conveyors

·          Robotics

·          Packaging, paper, printing, folding, gluing, and binding machines

·          Food industries; food and beverage filling

·          Assembly equipment

·          Textile, chemical, petroleum, marine and lumber manufacturing


Product Overview


This system is equipped with 2 patented PurgeX pumps, a 3-way air solenoid, infrared photo sensor, and programmable logic device.  The entire unit is housed in a compact, hinged-door NEMA 12 enclosure.  It requires only a reservoir, compressed air, electricity, and lubricant to begin operation. 


The Precision of PurgeX


PurgeX pumps have the ability to deliver very small amounts of lubricant with each cycle and can be rapidly cycled for greater volumes; they are excellent for high speed applications.  Precise volumetric delivery is achieved with the positive displacement design.  Any entrapped air and other impurities are automatically purged from the system when the piston slightly over-travels the pump chamber with each cycle.  The net result is the ability to reliably deliver an exact amount of lubricant.  There is no “after drip,” which makes PurgeX a very effective lubrication solution where product contamination is a concern. 


The bank of 2 PurgeX pumps included with this system is operated with compressed air between 40 to 120 PSI.  The bodies of the pumps are made of blue anodized aluminum alloy.  Buna-N seals are used (Viton seals are also available).  The liquid delivery per cycle is adjustable between 0 to .012 cubic inches.  The maximum liquid output occupies roughly the area of a pencil eraser.  The output of each pump can be independently and accurately adjusted by using the external knob located on each pump.  For additional information on the PurgeX manifold used in this system, click here.


Lubrication System Features


This PurgeX Infrared Sensing System has a 1/4” female NPT liquid inlet.  A polycarbonate, acrylic, or Pyrex reservoir can be purchased separately and mounted to the NEMA 12 enclosure.  The external location of the reservoir allows liquid level and condition to be easily viewed.  Alternatively, this unit can be used with a central fluid supply line.


The unit is powered by 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.   The programmable logic controller is supplied with a lithium battery, enabling it to save data even when power is interrupted.  Password capabilities provide protection for the programmed settings and accrued data.


The 3-way air solenoid has a 1/8” female NPT air inlet; this is the only air connection required to operate the entire lubrication system.


The painted steel, hinged-door NEMA 12 enclosure is 8” across, 10 3/4” in height, and 6 1/2” in depth.  The depth with the door open is about 16”.  For applications where moisture or water may come into contact with the equipment, NEMA 4X enclosures are available upon request.  The lubrication system can be surface mounted using the (4) 5/16” diameter mounting holes. 


The infrared sensor cable extends about 5 1/2 feet from the bottom of the enclosure.  The sensor withstands 1,200 PSI maximum wash down pressure and has an M18 x 1” thread for remote mounting.


This complete lubrication system is easy to install.  Simply mount a reservoir, secure the unit, connect compressed air, supply power, and route tubing from the outlets to the lubrication points.  The final step is to position the infrared sensor and program the logic device to lubricate at the exact desired frequency. 


Additional requirements include a reservoir or central fluid supply line and tubing and fittings to reach lubrication points.


Lubricant Type



Customer Supplied


Infrared Sensor, PLC


2 Feeds

Volume Output Per Feed

0 to .012 cu. in.

Inlet Pressure

40-120 PSI

Air Inlet

1/8" Female NPT


1/8" Female NPT




100-240V 50/60Hz


Nema 12


Install B3651
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