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Universal Sight Feed Valves


Universal (Bulls-Eye) Sight Feed Valves allow visual observation of the liquid stream from a distance, with the volume of flow controlled by an adjustable needle valve. The bulls-eye sight feed valve has excellent flow characteristics with low pressure drop. These units are principally used on gravity or pressure lubricating systems of larger machinery where considerable capacities of oil must be dispensed. The sturdy construction makes them especially suitable for paper mill machinery, steel mills, rolling mills, sugar mills, steam and gas engines, gear units, etc. Their use can be extended to any application ...

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Pressure Compensated Constant Flow Control Valves


Pressure Compensated Constant Flow Control Valves are used in low pressure lubricating systems.  The flow rate stays constant through changes in pressure.  These valves do not require frequent adjustment and are especially suitable for use in automated plants, for elevated, distant, or hard to get at places.  The various models have fixed flow rates that vary from 3 ounces per minute to 1 gallon per minute.  The flow rate remains constant within plus or minus 20% for 3 to 9 ounces per minute, and within plus or minus 10% ...


Window Flow Sights for Full Flow


Window Flow Sights for Full Flow are primarily used in low pressure oil lines.  The air-tight glass sight allows visual observation of the liquid flow, clarity, and condition.  There are no restrictions on the inside of the sight, resulting in the full flow of liquid, equal to the respective pipe size.  The unit can be installed in any position (horizontally, vertically, or at an angle).  ...

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