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Flexible Vinyl Gages

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B1565 - Category Standard Flex Vinyl Gage

Standard Flexible Vinyl Gage


Standard Flexible Vinyl Liquid Level Gages feature a vinyl sight made of clear, heavy-walled plastic that is flexible and shatterproof.  The length between the center of the two bolts is referred to as the centerline.  The distance between the center of the tank holes must be within 1/32” of the centerline measurement.  Centerlines are available from 3" to 60".

B1565 - Category Dial Thermometer Flex Vinyl Gage

Flexible Vinyl Gages with Dial Thermometers


Flexible Vinyl Liquid Level Gages with Dial Thermometers are for any application requiring visual indication of both liquid level and liquid temperature.  Temperature is indicated in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius on the large stainless steel thermometer.  It displays 0 ° F (-20° C) to 250° F (120° C). ...


NPT Adapters for Flexible Gages

This category contains NPT adapters for use with 1/2"-20 front mounting flexible liquid level gages.
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