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Circulating Oil Systems

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YC808 Circulating Oil System

Circulating Oil Systems - Samples


Oil-Rite specializes in creating Circulating Systems built specifically to customer requirements.  All systems are engineered, designed, manufactured and fully tested at Oil-Rite.  Oil-Rite has been designing, building, and supplying to corporations throughout the world for over 77 years.  This category contains samples of ...

Circulating System YC782 Category

Circulating Oil Systems - General Information


Circulating Oil Systems provide continuous flow of liquid to bearings, gearboxes, and blowers. They circulate various liquids such as oils, synthetic lubricants, ethylene glycol, and jet fuel.  Circulating Oil Systems are commonly used for heavily loaded bearings operating at high speeds and temperatures.  They are suitable for use in extremely dirty and corrosive environments.  All Circulating Oil Systems are quoted specifically to customer ...

B4360 B

PurgeX Circulating Oil Systems


PurgeX Circulating Oil Systems are easy to use, reliable and compact.  The unit provides means for dripping oil over gears, bearings, crankshafts, etc. with the intent of collecting and re-using the fluid.  It is ideal for small volume applications where excessive heat build-up is not a concern.  It can be used with bearings, motors, fans, rolling mills, presses, pumps, compressors, gears, generators and a variety of other applications.  The PurgeX Circulating Oil System is operated with 1 to 4 motor driven PurgeX pumps.  The pumps cycle small, precise amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals.  The fluid is ...



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